About Rogue Arts Tattoo

Welcome to Rogue Arts Tattoo, your premier destination for exceptional tattoo artistry in the heart of Inglewood. Our studio is a haven for creative expression, where ink meets imagination, and stories come to life on skin.

Jenelle Mellish

Owner/Tattoo Artist

Jenelle Mellish is the proud owner of Rogue Arts Tattoos. Having been tattooing for just over 10 years, it has always been Jenelle’s dream to open a space where clients and artists could create beautiful works of art together. It is no surprise that Jenelle has a Fine Arts degree, as a lot of her work has an illustrative, painterly feel. She loves working on projects based on mythological characters, neotraditional tattoos, watercolor, floral, to bloody horror tattoos, and beyond! Jenelle especially loves to take on coverup projects – from the large and complex to a simple coverup tattoo. With each project, you are guaranteed every tattoo will be given attention and love, as this is an art form that truly speaks to Jenelle. She looks forward to hearing your tattoo dreams, and work with you to bring your vision to life.

Devon Titley

Senior Tattoo Artist/Shop Manager

Devon is our shop veteran with over 20 years in the industry! He came from humble beginnings and survived a lengthy traditional apprenticeship under seasoned artists. He is an incredibly well-rounded artist and there isn’t much he can’t do from pointillism to trash polka and everything in between. He really does love and specialize in detail oriented black and grey realism and neo-traditional. While he outwardly tends to come across as a grumpy old man, just start a conversation over a beer talking about metal, video games, anime, or anything nerdy and you will see him come alive.

Tymm Clark

Tattoo Artist

Tymm loves creating stuff! Pencil sketches, Copic marker drawings, and sometimes he will even pick up a paint brush. He’s always busy trying to make people smile through his art. When he’s not at the shop, you can be sure he’s arting it up somewhere with some pencil crayons making new flash pieces or some colorful design you never knew you wanted!

This guy loves cover-ups and rework projects as well as big color, neo-trad and black and grey pieces. Check out his socials and see all his pre-drawn designs and hit him up to see what he can create for your next piece.

Rick Goertzen

Tattoo Artist

Rick, a born and raised Calgarian, has been around art and tattooing his entire life. What some might consider an obsession – doodling, monsters, cartoons, and comics – filled his younger days. 

An early career as an airbrush artist and illustrator rounded out his skill set. Coming into tattooing at what some would say “late in the game”. But armed with a background that would help him excel at almost any style of tattooing, Ricks preferred style is a healthy combination of creepy and comical. Whether realistic or illustrative, floral color, or black and grey horror, Rick is just happy to wake up every day and be able to do what he loves…

Our Story

Established in the vibrant and diverse city of Calgary, Alberta, Rogue Arts Tattoo has been redefining the tattoo experience since 2020. Founded by a team of enthusiastic artists, our studio was born out of the desire to blend artistry, craftsmanship, and a deep respect for personal stories into every inked masterpiece.  

Our Approach

At Rogue Arts Tattoo, we believe that each tattoo tells a unique story. Our talented artists collaborate closely with you to craft custom designs that resonate with your individuality. Whether you are seeking traditional, neo-traditional, realism, or something entirely innovative, our diverse skill set ensures we can bring your vision to life.  

The Studio

Step into our welcoming and inspiring studio, where creativity knows no bounds. We prioritize a clean, comfortable environment, using state-of-the-art sterilization techniques to guarantee your safety. Our commitment to professionalism extends beyond our artistry, ensuring you have an unforgettable experience from the moment you walk through our doors.

Community Engagement

Rogue Arts Tattoo is more than just a tattoo shop; we are a part of the Calgary community. We take pride in supporting local events, artists, and causes that matter to us and our clients. Our goal is to foster connections and celebrate the artistry that exists within and beyond our walls.

Sarah did my stars on my face she is so Incredibly talented and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get some ink done
Shea-leigh Sauter
Shea-leigh Sauter
06:36 09 Jan 24
Devon has done every tattoo I have and I regret none of them he can do a lot of different styles but if you trust him and he’s style he’ll give you something you can’t stop looking at. He’s slowly started turning into the family tattoo artist as he’s done art for my brother in law , partner, mom & brother. I always recommend him to everyone It’s always the first thing out of my mouth when people ask about my tattoos. Can’t wait to book another tattoo!!
madison Gramlick
madison Gramlick
18:34 18 Jul 23
I had the pleasure to meet and get tattooed by Bovine! I gave him ideas of what I wanted and he perfected it, with the size and placement too! He’s a very kind soul and surprisingly my tattoo did not hurt at all! Bovine is really experienced and makes sure you are comfortable while keeping everything sanitary and clean! I will always come back here for my tattoos as I had an amazing experience!
Aman Kandola
Aman Kandola
21:48 13 Jul 23
I have one fully finished underbust piece done by Jenelle and have just started another project with her. She is one amazing human being and has such talent. She makes you feel at home and is great to chat with. The entire team are great people and the dynamic is fun, yet respectful. I’m looking forward to the next session!
Erin Bell
Erin Bell
16:27 11 Jul 23
What an amazing shop! Clean, fun and a great group of artists.I can not say enough good things about Devon though, I go to him with all my different ideas and he never ever disappoints! I currently have 5 pieces from Devon and he has made each one an awesome experience. He works with me on design, he is amazing on checking in on how I am doing while he is tattooing and is awesome at getting done what needs to get done first so if I need to come back then there is no issue to pick up right where we left off. Such an amazing artist
Mama Bear26
Mama Bear26
22:57 24 Nov 22
Janelle (shop owner) is an absolute wizard when it comes to tattooing, she is a next-level artist with true talent. Having a large custom piece in progress has been an amazing experience (not my first rodeo) and phenomenal permanent art.Cannot recommend the shop enough, all the artists at Rogue Arts are talented, laid back, and make you feel welcome, and a humorous bunch.
Amanda Labonte
Amanda Labonte
01:55 13 May 22

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